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Dental Extractions in Cary & Clayton, NC

When you need a tooth removed, trust Axiom Dentistry for gentle dental extractions in Cary, NC. With steady hands and state-of-the-art techniques and tools, our team offers painless tooth removal in Cary, Clayton, Knightdale, and Zebulon to patients both young and old. Our qualified dentists and technicians are known for providing safe tooth extractions in Cary, as well as in the locations of our other three offices.
Although we provide dental extractions for teeth of all types, wisdom teeth are pulled more often than any other tooth due to their position and nature. Make an appointment with our staff for wisdom tooth removal in Cary to ensure a healthy smile. Whether your wisdom teeth are crowding your mouth or you have cavities due to their hard-to-reach position, we provide wisdom teeth removal in Cary at an affordable rate.

Family Smiling - Dental Extractions Cary NC

Wisdom Tooth Extractions for Children and Adults

Ward off a number of dental health concerns with a preventive wisdom tooth removal. Since wisdom teeth emerge later in life, our dentists study your mouth to ensure they will not cause issues. Wisdom teeth often become stuck or impacted, meaning that they cannot come through the jaw and into the mouth. Another common concern is that your mouth may be too small for the emerging teeth or that the wisdom teeth grow in at an unsuitable angle. In these cases and others, we recommend a painless extraction to avoid future problems.

Safe Tooth Removal By Qualified Dental Experts

Nobody wants to lose a tooth and it is our goal to ensure that never happens to you. However, sometimes the best treatment for dental concerns is tooth removal. When a tooth is damaged extensively or has decayed beyond repair, an extraction by our experienced dentists is often the best way to prevent further damage. We always analyze your mouth's health in-depth before recommending an extraction to ensure it is the right decision for you.
Thanks to advances in dental health practices and equipment, dental extractions are no longer the pain they used to be. We offer gentle tooth removal that is virtually pain-free and facilitates a quick and easy recovery. Reach out to us to learn more about tooth removal procedures at our four offices. Fill in the space left by your extracted tooth with one of our natural-looking replacement options.  We provide dental bridges and implants to restore your smile to its fullest. Speak with our qualified dental experts to see which treatment best fulfills your needs.

Contact our team to schedule safe and gentle dental extractions. We are proud to offer painless, all-ages tooth removal in Cary, Clayton, Knightdale, Zebulon, and Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as the surrounding areas.