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Periodontist in Cary & Clayton, NC

Protect your whole mouth by coming to Axiom Dentistry. We staff an experienced periodontist in Cary, NC, as well as at our other three locations in Clayton, Knightdale, and Zebulon. Many patients do not recognize the early symptoms of gum disease, allowing the condition to progress unchecked. By making an appointment with our gum disease dentist in Cary, NC, you help ensure that the gums, bones, and connective tissue surrounding and supporting your teeth are healthy and strong.
When you need comprehensive gum disease treatment in Cary, make an appointment with us. We provide treatment for all stages of gingivitis, allowing us to catch the disease early whenever possible and stop it in its tracks. With highly trained periodontists in Cary and three other cities, you are never far away from the therapy your mouth requires.

When to See a Gum Disease Dentist

Gingivitis is often asymptomatic, meaning that the early warnings are difficult to catch. Some signals include bleeding when you floss or brush your teeth, inflamed gum tissue, and bad breath. However, many patients miss these signs, unaware that they are steadily losing the bone that supports their teeth. When you notice any of these warning flags, make an appointment with our gum disease dentist as soon as possible.
Signs of advanced gingivitis are more noticeable. For instance, you may develop abscesses or discover that your teeth are loose. Ultimately, untreated gum disease results in tooth loss. To prevent this, it is best to visit our office and begin gum disease treatment right away whenever you have a periodontal concern.

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Gum Disease Treatment for All Stages of Gingivitis

Trust your periodontal health to a dentist office that handles gum disease treatment for all stages of gingivitis. The first step towards treatment is an accurate diagnosis, since the therapy is dependent upon the cause of the condition. Our periodontists perform a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and the tissues that surround and support them in order to arrive at the correct diagnosis.
Treatment for early to moderate gum disease typically includes simple steps such as instructing you in how to achieve optimal plague removal at home and ensuring you regularly receive a complete teeth cleaning at our office. Gum disease treatment for the more advanced stages of gingivitis may include occlusal treatment and surgical intervention.
Begin your treatment and prevent tooth loss by making an appointment with our periodontist. Our periodontists have the special training necessary to accurately diagnosis and effectively treat all varieties of periodontal diseases. We also offer replacement for any missing teeth with dental bridges and implants.

Contact us to arrange an appointment with our highly experienced periodontist. We are proud to staff a trained gum disease dentist at each of our locations serving Cary, Clayton, Knightdale, Zebulon, and Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as the surrounding areas.