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Teeth Whitening in Cary & Clayton, NC

Enhance your appearance with a brilliant smile by visiting Axiom Dentistry for teeth whitening in Cary, NC. Whether you have a special occasion coming up or want to brighten your smile for everyday beauty, our professional-strength teeth whitening in Cary makes you feel and look fantastic. Our dentists and technicians have the training and equipment necessary to produce a pearly white smile that cannot be achieved with over-the-counter products alone. Visit one of our four locations for dental teeth whitening in Cary, Clayton, Knightdale, or Zebulon and leave with a brighter, whiter smile.
Take years off your face with a smile makeover. Our family dentists offer custom teeth whitening to patients of all ages. The process is safe and gentle and typically only takes about an hour. For best results, we recommend scheduling a cleaning by one of our skilled dental hygienists before the whitening procedure.
Restore your smile's pearly appearance with a single dental teeth-whitening session. There are many causes for teeth discoloration, such as aging and consuming staining beverages like coffee, tea, soda, and red wine. Tobacco is also a common cause for discoloration. Some young children show discoloration early due to consuming tetracycline, excessive amounts of fluoride, and certain antibiotics during the formation of their teeth. No matter what the cause may be, our teeth whitening procedure is certain to brighten your smile by several shades.

Smile - Teeth Whitening Cary NC

Professional-Strength Teeth Whitening

Whiten your teeth nine to twelve shades in just one hour by making an appointment for our professional-strength teeth whitening. Over-the-counter teeth whitening strips, gels, and toothpastes take several weeks or even months to lighten your teeth by just a few shades. To achieve noticeable results fast, our in-house procedure is a must.
For your convenience, we offer effective at-home teeth whitening systems that include custom fit trays made just for your mouth. These kits allow you to whiten your teeth a few shades over the course of only two weeks. They are perfect for erasing years of yellowing and making your smile noticeably whiter. Contact our dentists and dental technicians to determine whether our in-house procedure or at-home kits are right for you.

The Dental Teeth Whitening Procedure

To achieve a brilliantly white smile, our in-house teeth whitening procedure uses a light-activated gel that harnesses the safe bleaching power of hydrogen peroxide to enter your enamel and dentin and remove colored substances.  The lights activate the hydrogen peroxide to help it penetrate the tooth's surface without altering the structure of the tooth. This accelerates the whitening process and creates pearly white results in just one hour.

Contact our office to schedule a teeth-whitening procedure and restore the brilliance of your smile. We proudly offer professional-strength teeth whitening to patients in Cary, Clayton, Knightdale, Zebulon, and Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as the surrounding areas.